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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Comic #737

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Redone Comic (click for larger image)

Yogurt Haiku

Randall seems to be trying out a thicker pen for his comics. On the plus side, it let me make a hat for BHG that I absolutely LOVE and which I'll be using from now on. On the down side, he's not used to it and since he NEVER SECOND DRAFTS the stick figures look like complete shit. Oh well.

Anyways, if you have a hard time deciphering the joke in the original, that's ok. Basically, he thinks it's gone sour, but still wants to eat it, since it "might still be good". It's understandable if you thought otherwise: the second-to-last bit of dialogue from Yogurt Dude sets up his tone as purely sarcastic, which camouflages the about-face he has right at the end.

The horrible thing about the original is that it was so close to being perfectly fine (parallels to this comic may now commence). Remove that awkward bit about types of calendars and throw in something like "It smells like the Roman Civilization..." and voila, a much better comic. Here's a crappy example I literally tossed together:

Crappy Remix

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