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Friday, September 24, 2010

Comic #797

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Oh Linux, will nerds ever not love you?

At any rate, I like the concept of locust attacks, but I don't like the concept of locust attacks feeding into power-tripping hacker fetishes (which is basically xkcd in a nutshell). Besides, based on my experience with the "user-friendly" Ubuntu, I'm pretty sure my remix isn't far from the truth.


Notes on the last comic (or things xkcd sucks didn't cover):

1. Okay, yes, California has enacted some, uh, "experimental" legislation in the past. California is also bankrupt. I'm sure creating dating registries wouldn't end up high on their to-do list.

2. This just reeks of the worst kind of white-knighting. Guy has one bad relationship, suddenly believes himself qualified to protect all women from all bad relationships, completely ignoring the fact that a) bad relationships can, and frequently do, help people realize flaws in themselves, such that removing them entirely is even more harmful in the long run, and b) claiming to be an expert in all relationships makes you just as much of a douchebag as Seltzer and Friedberg. And hell, at least Seltzer and Friedberg have the first Scary Movie. All you'll ever have is a can of mace being sprayed into your eyes, you arrogant little prick.

3. "such a serial liar"? Pick and choose, Randy. She is either "such a liar" or "a serial liar". The two together make no sense. It'd be like saying "he is such a serial killer" or "he is such a serial code". Neither make sense.

4. Who the hell is White Hat Guy?

[EDIT] Wait, no, xkcd sucks covered #4. DAMNIT. Still, though, WHO THE FUCK IS HE? Also, WHY DO I CARE?