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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi Everyone

The purpose of this blog is to redo individual xkcd comics using only assets within the comic. No images from other comics (within or without xkcd), no images created by me, no original text; just good old select, copy, paste, arrange. In other words, MOVIE MAGIC.

[EDIT] As of this comic I've started including Megan and Black Hat Guy character models in order to redo xkcd with a core set of characters in mind. A further explanation can be found here.

Soon-to-be Frequently Asked Questions

-Isn't this copyright infringement?

No. xkcd is listed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Generic License, which means it's fair game for remixing. I'm required to give proper attribution, which I do - each remix has a link to the source comic within the post.

-Why are you doing this?

First, because I enjoy it
Second, to show that xkcd could very, very easily be made into a better comic.

-What do you use to edit the comics?

I used to use MS Paint, but when i got my Mac I switched to Paintbrush (which sucks) for one remix and GraphicConverter (sucks slightly less) for the next. It looks like I'll be using GC until something better comes along, which I'm not crossing my fingers for.

Also, if some of the early comics look pixellated, it's because I foolishly saved them in .jpg, not knowing the error of my ways. I now save in .png exclusively.

-Are you going to do all the comics retroactively?

No, I'm much too lazy for that. I'm also not going to do every comic he ever releases. Some of them (comics 696 and 713, to list a couple recent examples) just aren't able to be edited without either mangling it or turning it into something it isn't (which is a kissing cousin to mangling it). For those ones I'd either openly mock it or just give a text description of how I'd change it. Or both.

I may just mock them anyways.

(Also, some comics are legitimately good, in which case there's no need to edit them. These instances are rare nowadays.)

-What do you hope to gain from this?

Hookers and blow.

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