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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comic #736

Source Comic

Redone Comic (click for larger image)

I hate this comic. Hate hate hate. Took me forever to do the stupid gravestones because Randall fucked up the drawings hardcore (not to mention the dialogue lines are out of whack, for some reason). I'll be the first to admit I'm a shitty artist; when I'm extensively editing artwork to make it better, you know it's bad.

Anyways, I was really annoyed that there are a whopping two gravestones, and they're placed in radically different angles. I'm aware that the human eye observes things in a slight radial curve, but it's a very very slight curve which we would barely ever notice since it's in our peripheral vision anyways, not in the center of our sight like this shot would be. So either Randall fucked up perspective yet again or it's the worst-designed graveyard ever. You can be the judge, since either answer is equally retarded (god help us if it's both).

Oh yeah, the original joke sucks balls and has been done better in other places.

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