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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Comic #765

Source Comic


Redone Comic (click to enlarge)


I was heartbroken when I uploaded this to Blogger and saw what happened to it. Apparently, when I saved and closed out in Graphic Converter, a horrible glitch irreversibly scarred it. I don't know why this happened, but it's extremely saddening. If you can get past how it looks, though, I think you'll find one of my best comics yet.

Anyways, as you who have read my first post know, I try as best as I can to work within the framework of the source comic when I make my remixes. Notably, that means I don't use assets from other comics (outside of Megan's hair and BHG's hat), but that also means I try to keep the same basic storyline as the original. It makes sense (to me, at least) - it's basically a second draft of the original comic.

I bring that up because the entire original storyline was "man prepares to shoot water up vagina". It's important you know what I do for you guys, out of LOVE*.

And ew, the water (which he mixed with semen) is dripping out onto the floor. EW.

By the way, let me give you a brief history lesson courtesy of Wikipedia: the inventor of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, died in 1843, over 140 years before Randall was even born. He invented homeopathy in 1796, almost a full 200 years before Randall was born. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT NEW. MOCKING IT IS NOT NEW. Hahnemann *himself* supposedly poked fun at the concept of dilution.

This is worse than Randall mocking JFK over a minor communication error. This is the annoying pedantry that the world hates. Hell, this is blatant hypocrisy, too. Remember last friday when he mocked the hypothetical anthropologists (those highly-trained fake scientists) who might email him critiques of his "misleading" comic? Read today's alt-text again (you can mouse over the original to find it) - he "corrected" a leading magazine for a fake science! He sees nothing wrong with incorrect portrayals of science, I suppose, as long as he is the one to incorrectly portray them. His mind-set is mind-boggling.

By the way, Mr. "Real Scientist" Randall Munroe, while you're finding the correct spellings for flowers on Wikipedia you might as well re-read the article on evolution: *no* belief is selected evolutionarily. Evolution doesn't even select for belief in itself.

I don't want to type anymore. This tires me.

*...of hookers and blow

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